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  • When can I pick up my order?
    You may pick up your orders during designated Pick-up days, "Pop-up Market" days, or at the scheduled Farmer Markets. All Dates and Times will be posted on our home page as well as on our Facebook page.
  • Can I come and pick out the vegetables and herbs that I want instead of ordering online for pick-up?
    Yes! We are offering "Pop-up Market" days on weekends. We will have benches outside of the greenhouses with ample room to select just the right plants for your garden. Please note, however, that our crop quantities are limited. Buying early will help ensure you get the vareties you are looking for. Also, for the safety of all, the greenhouses will be closed off for shopping.
  • How do I pick up my order?
    No contact pick-up in three easy steps: Your pick-up time and date will be confirmed at time of order and again with an "Order ready" email on the morning of your scheduled pick-up day. Look for the sign that says "BARNSIDE PICK-UP HERE" after you arrive at Yerke Family Farm on Frog Alley Rd. Give us your Name or order number at the pop up stand (You may also call to have your order broght to your car)
  • What Variety of Tomato should I get?
    There are many varieties available but a a select few standouts. We have selected the most popular varieties in each subcategory. Some tried and true Yerke Family Farm Favorite are below: All Purpose Medium size - Celebrity or Super Sonic Fresh slicing Large size - Big Boy or Beefsteak Snacking Small size - Sun Sugar or Grape Meaty paste size - San Marzano or Amish Paste Heirloom Fun - Mortgage Lifter or Golden Jubilee
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